Welcome to Galapagos Outdoors Adventures

Galapagos Outdoors Adventures – GOA is a tour operator located in the heart of the Galapagos Islands, Santa Cruz. The company was established by two local guides that decided to mix up all their experience in tourism, specializing in incoming tourism to the Galapagos and Ecuador mainland.

Our passion for travel is in our blood ….   We love travel! We want you to travel different and experience much more. Our goal is to build up memories through our tours… because travel is not only about hotels, boats, airplanes.. travel is all about memories you bring back with you. Experiencing these beautiful Islands full of nature, history, colors, tastes, smells and friendly people is what we want you to remember.

For many tourists, The Galapagos Islands is a magical and must-go destination. The blue sky, turquoise water, breath taking landscapes, incredible animals, plus our people, culture, customs make the Galapagos so attractive.


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