Los Tuneles snorkeling trip | Isabela Island

Everyday is good time to connect to Isabela Island in the Galapagos for a snorkel adventure getting Cape Rose | Los Tuneles & El Finado underwater sites !

In the morning our boats leave Puerto Villamil located in the south side of Isabela going to Cape Rose | Los Tuneles & El Finado.

One hour boat-ride will approach you to the best snorkeling spots in the Galapagos… Here, you have the chance to observe Nazca boobies, blue footed boobies, common noddies, pelicans, sea lions and more on top of Roca Union.   A group of rocks in the middle of the ocean where birds come to relax after a hard fishing journey.

Once you get Los Tuneles, a calm area appears in the middle of a rough sea with big waves.    You discover a flooded lava section, result of an old volcanic eruption that covered a huge ocean area increasing the size on the south side of Isabela.   Then many tremors and due to volcanic activity, the fragile part of this new crust collapsed falling inside lava tubes that time after where filled with water from the ocean.

All year round is almost guaranteed to spot marine life in this amazing snorkel site.   Depending in weather and sea conditions you have one or two places where to swim with sharks, marine turtles, rays, Pacific seahorses and many more !

El Finado is our favorite wildlife spot to observe marine animals while swimming around rocky formations.    Your experienced guide leads you around a labyrinth of rocks, caves and tubes to a close encounter with white tipped reef sharks.    We always know where they hide during day light to sleep while keeping energy for a nocturnal hunt !

If you didn’t see any at first sight – no worries !   We make sure that you never lose a lifetime underwater shot with a close approach.

Our next stop is near by a cleaning & feeding station for black pacific turtles.    Many come and stay at the Galapagos every year.    Males and females are ready for a short video will you enjoy their calm and uninterested dance around us !

Swimming away from marine turtles found in large number specially from November to June, we are ready for a final but not less incredible discovery:   Pacific Seahorses !!!   We are so experienced in finding them that now it’s a guaranteed must found 98% all year round !

It is time to come back to the boat for another 20 minute-ride to Los Tuneles our second stop during the journey !   Just grab the boat and be ready for a wild surf on the waves …

Once we go through the rough part, we get deeper in the calm protected zone.   A boat ride let you see incredible lava tube, collapsed plates, bridges, caves and more volcanic structures flooded with the ocean !   Here fish, marine turtles, eventually sharks, rays and other animales feel like unaware from predators.

Take 5 minutes to be ready for a last jump in to the ocean to swimm with penguins and fish !

Last stop… a short 15 minute walk on top of a lava area will warm you up and relax after a snorkeling full of adrenaline and many unique shots of wildlife encounters !

If you are interested in joining at any time this underwater adventure, contact us for BOOK your trip !


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